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The Winning Numbers,  

A Novel  

(Available Now)

 A sultry and suspenseful love story that deals with racial strife, and the joy and pain of winning $400 million.

 Follow the story of Torey and Noah - an interracial couple with a hot romance and a strong foundation built on trust.

 From childhood to adulthood, see how Torey grows up into a beautiful, tall supermodel-eques woman and meets the love of her life.

 See how Noah, the captain of the football team, falls for her instantly.

 A story not just about winning the lottery, but so much more.

 Sex, drama, and intrigue, you’ll be on the edge of your seat reading this book, set in the beautiful city of Seattle and on Lake Washington.

 Full of twists and turns, and with a shocking murder, you won’t be able to put this sizzling book down.


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