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Kris J. Roberts 


I'm Kris Jerome Roberts, I'm the proud Grandfather of my two grandsons. Here's a little about me I'd like to share with you. I've been involved in amateur photography for 30 plus years with a devotion to action photography involving Ballet and All Sports. I absolutely love shooting Ballet in a dark theater where it requires expertise and skill to operate the camera in a dark environment. I enjoy capturing the beautiful and graceful ballerinas as they leap across the stage and dance on point in their pink shoes.


Other likes as a photographer include capturing my young grandsons on camera running the bases and catching and throwing baseballs during their little league games as well as slugging the baseball with their bats.  I’m a nature shooting enthusiast and get such a thrill out of capturing the beauty and strength of big birds of prey such as Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls, whenever I can locate them.

In addition to shooting photography, I love working with Adobe Photoshop on my laptop and working with such a complex program and utilizing it to create beautiful graphics and illustrations such as some of the ones included in my first Epic Novel “The Winning Numbers”. 

I am a lifetime and avid runner and I love jogging out along the trail in the wilderness park near my home seeing the deer and watching them standing in place watching me with curiosity it seems as I pass by and sometimes a family of adult wild turkeys with their young poults who get testy at times and chase after you as you pass their location. My favorite time to run is in the very early morning in the winter, preferably when the temperature is in the low 30s or high 20s and feeling the cold brisk air hit my face as I run while listening to smooth jazz lead by the Great Kenny G or the Sultry sounds of Adele.


In addition, to all of that, I’ve developed a love for writing over the years and hope you enjoy reading my very first 150,000-word Epic Novel and stay tuned for the exciting sequel and many other genres to follow. So follow me as I guide you on a path through my adventurous, thrilling, suspenseful and erotic novels and get updates on new releases and upcoming events. As always in my books, someone has to be Murdered, Killed or Screwed. Not everyone gets to be 90 years old and live happily ever after.


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